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Stone Ground Landscaping is a Boston/Brookline-based multi-service company specializing in estate management and property maintenance. We provide design and installation of natural, New England landscape creations with plantings and hardscape. SGL prides itself on consistent and unique focused care for everything outside the four walls of your home. We are a fully insured organization and all of our crew members are legal U.S. citizens.


SGL acknowledges and values that your home is an extension of yourself. Our services will reflect your personality and translate your interests to encompass the entire property. We pay close attention to your likes and dislikes and evaluate the most realistic, efficient, and economical path to incorporating your desired elements. Each estate is unique, possessing beautiful potential when properly tapped into. While our services are broad, they will always be specific to you and your property's needs, which is reflected in the individualized estate management plan we create for every client.


 Most of all, we will care for your landscape as the living, breathing organism that it is, displaying love and respect for nature with a level of professionalism that far exceeds our competition. We highly value the privacy of our clients. We are stealth in our execution of services and communication with us will always be timely and clear.


Six Nine Design and Project Management

  • Grounds management of large estates, multi-unit luxury condominiums, and single-family homes

  • Landscape design and installation; tree and shrub planting; seasonal containers and window boxes, and Old World mortar-free stone work

  • Year-round garden, tree, shrub, and lawn maintenance

  • Specialized pruning

  • Plant health care program design, monitoring, and implementation

  • Turf health care program design, monitoring, and implementation

  • Irrigation system maintenance, monitoring, and programming

  • 100% all-inclusive property maintenance with weekly site visits

  • Organic vegetable gardening

  • Beehive installation and nurturing

  • Snow removal

  • Coordination and overseeing of any subcontractors servicing your property

  • Dog walking while on property

  • Anything and everything outside the four walls of your home!

SGL will put you at ease. With a high level of care, through our services you will experience;


  • A level of trust that will exceed any other company or subcontractor you have encountered

  • An unsurpassed level of care for your property

  • A commitment to working within set budgets

  • Ultimate protection of our client's best interests

  • Insurance that your resources will strictly reflect the demands of your property


Additionally, SGL specializes in organic lawn and plant care methods. Incorporating synthetic treatments only when absolutely necessary. We emphasize proper horticultural care through soil amendments, vigilant overseeing of watering and consistent disciplined pruning methods.

I approach landscape design the same way I approach life: From a practical, detail-oriented but visionary perspective with an edge. As a distance runner growing up in New England, I have made a diligent, careful study of our beautiful native surroundings. These years of observing have armed me with an innate sense of what works best and thrives in our region in a way that theoretical landscaping study simply never could.


From my days of training on sprawling ocean-side estates in Nantucket to my present-day work in Greater Boston and Brookline, I have logged thousands of hours with my hands in the soil. In that time, I have come to understand that the best way to approach any project is by first understanding the systems that are already in place and working backward from there. For me the light in the sky and how it interacts with the property factors in.


My designs are grounded in reality and translate a firm grasp of what will thrive in your specific set of conditions. My experience working in the field allows me to assess individual situations accurately and effectively.


I understand the importance of having a well-kept yard that feels natural. My designs emphasize and respect our environment in all of its New England glory. I honor the concept that humans as a species innately seek connections with nature and other living beings including plants. Six Nine Design adheres to this ideal of biophilia.


 Here is what you can expect when working with Six Nine Design:


  • Envision and manage your project from design to installation, emphasizing efficient and timely execution of all components

  • Ensure a flawless transition from project completion into ongoing maintenance

  • Fluid and ongoing discussions about your vision that take into account what will and will not work in our New England setting

  • A comprehensive, creative, yet reality-based plan that incorporates out-of-the-box thinking to translate your desires into an aesthetic you love

  • A design that takes everything into account from the view through your windows to your property’s entry and exit points

  • Precise execution of that plan wherein every micro-detail is taken into account to achieve our collective big picture goal

Success! Message received. Thank you for contacting us and we will reach out to discuss your needs soon!

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